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OSF German Review in Das Computer-Magazin

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  • OSF German Review in Das Computer-Magazin

    OSF German Review from "Das Computer-Magazin".

    If only we spoke German.
    After running it through the Google Translation we get this,

    "OSForensics know what you did last summer. The program makes every digital track on your PC visible. It reconstructs deleted files, unmasks covert pests with checksums and more."

    "If you have a suspicion, that other users espionage tools or viruses on your PC or do you just create Have forgotten to input data, then but once you go to digital clues. All you need to get on your To determine PC, the program OS Forensics 0.92 Beta

    OK, so Google translate didn't do a great job, but sounds pretty positive.

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    Hi David!

    Yeees, I know it's an old post.. but as we all know, Google translated texts are not really nice to read.. or at times even create mysteries. So thought a short translation and summary about this PDF could be helpful to those who think about buying the product, as it is still on the market, and does STILL apply!

    OS Forensics know what you did last summer! The application hilights each digital evidence on your computer. It can rebuild deleted files, uncloak hidden malware using checksums, and much more!

    IF you suspect other users having infected your PC with spy-tools or viruses, or you simply have forgotten your logon credentials, use this tool to launch a digital search for clues!
    All you need to start your investigaion is the application OS-Forensics 0.92 Beta (free of charge [..])

    In the case a PC does not boot anymore at all, simply create a live system with OS-Forensics (mind the article on page 64)

    Then the article goes into detail on how to install and use the application.
    --> In every aspect this was a very positive article on OS-Forensics back then. Thought about buying the software while reading! Most likely it became even better over the years... ; )

    Found out about Passmark and OS Forensics through OSFMount, which I reeeally use a lot.
    It's got just one downside: OSFMount cannot (or can it?!) mount drives before Windows creates its swap file and temp files... or else one could come to the weird idea to put these on a ram drive...
    I've tried this out by hand (as creating a ram drive does not require a reboot, and applying the TEMP and TMP system variables only need a log-out and back in) .. just to find out, the performance boost is DEFINITELY there!
    Don't make this easier to use, or else Microsoft might come along and buy the technology.. ; )