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Getting log files off the system

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  • Getting log files off the system

    I am working with a customer that requires verbose logging of clones for a medical device record. I ran OSFClone on a 500gb disk to another 500gb disk, using the liveCD version. I love the amount of detail in the logs and need to send it to my customer, but I cannot figure a way to mount a USB stick to transfer the log file to. I tried: "sudo mount /dev/sdc usblog" (the directory I created), but I get an "invalid argument" error.

    I am not new to linux or unix, but have rarely used sudo so I am not sure if the error is coming from it or not. I would just su to root, but I cannot find a password anywhere...

    I must be missing something simple.

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    OK, I have one solution. Since the mount points are already setup, the following command works:

    sudo mount /dev/sdc1

    Since the rest of the information is already in fstab that is enough to get the usb stick mounted in /mnt/sdc1

    I would still like to know the root password.


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      There are three users in OSFClone build.

      User / Password
      OSForensics / <No Password>
      tc / <No Password>
      root / <blank*>

      *no password is assigned, but it is not blank. As the "blank" password is hashed into the password file. If you log on as "tc" or "OSForensics" then you can add password (however they will not be saved for next sessions after reboot) for "root" user via the "sudo passwd root". Follow the on screen prompts. You can then "exit" the current user and logon as root with your new password.

      OSFClone uses MicroCore/TinyCore Linux as the base. You can look up TinyCore Linux for more information.