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How to view HASH in Report

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  • How to view HASH in Report

    Hi, i've create a report with 50 files, but the hash (SHA1 or SHA256) of these files is not shown.

    How to view HASH in Report? It's important!!!

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    Hashes weren't included when designing the report because they seemed too verbose to fit cleanly with the rest of the data in the tables. We didn't think this data was that vital in what was mostly just a general overview report.

    I'll raise this topic for discussion internally, we may add the hashes globally, or an option to turn them on/off.

    Any feedback/insight on how you plan to use the reporting feature will help us determine exactly what it is it should be doing.


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      Ok, thanks. I'm going to create a list of features.


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        Not sure if you noticed, but you can view the SHA1 hash value for items in the case via right click & selecting "Properties".

        But I guess you are asking for them in the HTML report?

        The entire case is also stored in XML format. So you can also find the SHA1 values in the .OSFMeta files that are within the case folder.

        Would be better to have an option to include the details in the report however.

        Update: This has been implemented.


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          Originally posted by passmark View Post
          But I guess you are asking for them in the HTML report?

          You should put all the details of the file: HASH, Creation date, Modification date, last Accessed date, file/folder position in memory unt (path), eventually a link for the metafile report (if jpg, doc, etc...) or other capable documents...