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    Hi Ray
    i was doing some "comparative tests" between OSF full (v. 1.0 build 1004 64bit) and an old version of Accessdata FTK, i have indexed an hard drive image and made the same search ("myname") in both products

    FTK gave me 2629 results in 139 files
    OSF gave 10 results in 5 files

    investigating the reason for a difference so big i realized that most
    of the time the string i was searching was present in the form of an
    e-mail address and if i search the complete address in OSF it gives
    some different results so i started testing search strings like "myna*"
    and have 0 results !!!
    The only way i could have wildcard search to work was searching
    "*myna*" but also in this form the results were missing the files where
    the string was present as a full e-mail address (

    So i think there i s definitely something not working with wildcard indexed searches.

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    I agree, this is strange. I reproduced it here. We'll look into it and fix it up.


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      I think you must be on the beta build of 1004.

      We've confirmed that this is a bug in that release. Wildcards are matching on stemmed variant words but not for unstemmable words (like e-mail addresses).

      It will be fixed in the next release (the final V1.0 build 1004) which should be available sometime this week. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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        New build in out, and should correct this issue.