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    Hi everyone,

    It's a nice feature to be able to save (as bookmark or as html) emails as a result of a search. However, when viewing the saved email, I've noted that there is no easy way to see the normal (not SMTP) header of the email.

    Either if it's exported to file or saved as a bookmark, all that is shown is the body of the email, but the header fields (From, To, Date, Subject, etc.) are nowhere to be found (I've also printed the email just in case, but the same view is used). I understand that is info is present in the SMTP header view, but for a non-tech-savvy user, it might be a little difficult to interpret. I think it would be great to have a small section before the body segment where this info is available.


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    Thanks for the comments.

    Yes, it's a good point. We'll be improving on this in V1.1 and adding the From, To, Date and Subject fields to the top frame of the saved email. Keep the feedback coming!
    PassMark Software