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OSFClone hung up?

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  • OSFClone hung up?

    Good afternoon! I downloaded OSFClone today and started creating an image in aff format from a hard drive to an external hard drive. It got to 17.57% and then stopped. Nothing has updated on the screen for over an hour.

    The screen says it's writing, but the free space amount, like the other data, has not changed. Does this mean that it encountered a hard drive problem, or does it normally take a long time to write data, then continue with reading?

    Thanks! I appreciate very much your creating this product and making it available for our use.


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    If the drive lights aren't flashing, then yes it has probably hung up.

    How big is each drive?
    Do you have enough space on the destination?

    You might want to check the SMART data on each drive to see if the drives are flagging any errors.

    I would give it a 2nd go and see if it stops at the same place.
    You might also want to try using 'dd' format in case there is some issue with AFF format.

    Let us know how it goes.


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      Thank you very much for responding so quickly!

      When I got in this morning, it was still at the same place, so I restarted the imaging, using the AFF format but giving the image file a new name. There is plenty of room on the external drive; it's over 1TB and has almost 900GB free.

      The software calculated a checksum for the drive, so I'm hoping that if it could read the drive to do that, it will finish the image process. I will let you know if it does or doesn't. If it doesn't, I will check the hard drive.

      Thanks for your help!

      P. S. I had previously used Clonezilla to take an image, and it finished fine. However, I don't think it does a forensic image (which is what I want), so maybe it skipped sectors that were bad because they contained no data. (I'm just guessing.)


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        It hung up again

        Well, it must be the hard drive that is being imaged. Right at 17.57%, it quit again. Just to be sure, I will try the dd format. If that fails, then I'll check the hard drive.


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          Same problem

          "dd" failed at 11%.

          I checked the hard drives (both the one to be imaged and the one to receive the image) for problems. The source drive was fine; the destination had sectors that were recovered. I then tried OSFClone again using the .aff format, and again, it failed at 17.57%.

          Next I decided to try OSFClone on another computer to see if the imaging process finishes or not. Unfortunately, on that computer (a laptop), OSFClone boots, but then the screen goes black and nothing else comes up.

          Any help you can provide will be appreciated.


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            If you do not need a boot solution, you may want to see if you can use the "Create Drive Image" feature within OSForensics to create your image.

            If you are comfortable with Linux, OSFClone uses TinyCore Linux. You can exit to the script and try to run the dd commands directly from the command prompt.