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Searching Indexes, whole word matches only - Help!

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  • Searching Indexes, whole word matches only - Help!


    I am using the current latest version of OS Forensics.

    I am attepmting to do an exact word search but have been having the following problem.
    When I search for the word "statement" (entered in to the search box with the quotes), I get results that show the word "statement" and "statements".

    Is there a way that the search results can provide whole word matches only?

    Similarly if I seach for "rainman" I get search results appearing for the word "rain".

    Is there way to exclude partial matches?



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    What you are seeing is not a partial match. At least not in the sense of it being a substring / wildcard match. What you are seeing if the effect of the stemming feature.

    So for example, the words fish, fishes, fishing, fished all match when you do a search for fish. Normally this is a good thing and it means you don't need to do a search for both the singular and plural form.

    This feature can be turned off for a set of index files during the index creation process. In step 2, click on the "Advanced options" button. Then uncheck the "Enable stemming" box.