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Searching in Multiple Directories?

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  • Searching in Multiple Directories?

    I have EML files which I want to index and search scattered over a number of different directories. Is there any way to get OSF to search several directories at once?

    It is not practical for me to move all the directories under one root.

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    Yes, just set the indexer module to index only .EML files. You can do this via the advanced options button in step #2 of the indexing module.

    Then start the indexing process in the top level root folder. This will index all .EML files across the whole drive.


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      I wasn't quite clear enough. The situation is, I have a bunch of directories with eml files in them, but I want to search only some of these directories.


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        So there are 2 options

        1) You make an index per folder of files. To do this just start the indexer at the folder in question. Then repeat for the next folder. This increase you work later on when you need to search all the indexes however.

        2) You follow my suggestion above, but then enter in the folder names NOT to be indexed into the page and folder skip list. This setting option is also in the advanced options window. Partial folder names are OK. So you can enter \private\ to skip,
        It required that you know in advance what .EML files you want to index and which ones you don't.


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          I didn't know about the folder skip list. That seems to solve the problem. Thanks very much.