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  • Email Sent Date reflects Today's date

    I used the OS Forensics tool to index roughly 2,000 EML messages that exist in a current version of Windows Live Mail.

    Under the Search Index section, in the "Emails" tab, the "Sent Date" value correctly represents the EML files' original Sent Date.

    However, in the "Email Attachments" tab, the "Sent Date" value is populated by the date and time the EML files were indexed by OS Forensics, not the original EML Sent Date value.

    Do you know why this is occurring and if there is a fix?

    Please advise.

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    We'll look into this. It's quite possible that might be happening when there's no actual file creation date available for the attachment file (which would be ideal and arguably most relevant). But you're right that in such a case, the "sent date" value of the origin email would be preferable than the indexing date (which is never relevant).

    I'll post more details after investigating this in more depth.
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