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  • OSForensics Help........Clipboard option

    Hello fellow members:

    I was wondering if someone may be able to help me out with a question. I recently had a situation where all of my music files that I had saved into my "Downloaded" folder as well as individual file folders on my desktop disappear from my computer. I am not sure why it happened, but the folders are now empty. I also lost some pictures and videos.

    I downloaded the OSForensics software and am puzzled on how to restore my files. The software seemed to find files when I performed a "Deleted Files" search on my system. I see a long list of files displayed after completing the search.

    I find it easier to use the "File Search" option. When I type in "mp3" into the String Search Field, I get over 4000 results. And they are the mp3 files that I lost. My question is, can I recover these files? It seems more difficult to locate the files within the list received from the "Deleted Files" results.

    I like the "thumbnails" option in the "File Search" results window. I notice when you RIGHT CLICK on any file, you get a side window of options. When I use the VIEW WITH INTERNAL VIEWER option, my files play fine. I also see the option to SAVE TO CLIPBOARD. My question is, where exactly are the files saved to and how do I access the clipboard to which they are saved? Is is possible to go to this proverbial clipboard and restore the files to a folder location of my choosing, such as my DOWNLOADED folder or individual folders on my desktop again?

    Any help or suggestions that someone might be able to supply me with would be greatly appreciatted. Thanks in advance.

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    There are some viruses that move files, sometimes also changing file permissions (effectively hiding them).

    If you can see your files in the file search function, it means that they haven't been deleted. Just moved to another folder.

    So check for viruses, then once you are clean, move the files back to their original folders using Windows explorer. If they have been hidden then you might need to change the file attributes to make them visible.