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    Two quick questions regarding registration...

    1. I have both version 1.2 and 2.0 Alpha on my computer. I'm testing out both versions. If I add the registration key to one will it effect the other, or is it even possible to use the key on both at the same time?

    2. If I later install the program on a different computer (for more permanent use) will I be able to "un-register" the first computer and transfer the key over?

    Great product! I work for a state government regulatory agency and am trying to set up a forensics of course cost is a huge influence. The cost/benefit relation makes OSF VERY attractive compared to other "high-end" programs (EnCase, et al).

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    Thanks for the positive feedback.

    We should have an updated Alpha release out either late today or early next week.

    For the current Alpha release, it accepts V1.x keys. So you can have both installed on the same machine using the same key.

    Our thinking at the moment is that we'll just continue this into the final release, effectively making it a free upgrade for everyone.

    Yes, you can move the software between machines. Via uninstall & re-install (or via running it from a USB drive).