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Error importing word list from text-file

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  • Error importing word list from text-file

    We have a problem when we import a Word list from a text-file containing "special characters" . These characters are replaced with some random symbol.
    If you add the search word manually you can add . But we need the text import function, because of long list given to us by customer and it so easy to type something wrong if you have to do this manually.
    Is this a Bug or a feature?

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    What character set is your word list in?
    e.g. ASCII, UTF8, UTF16, something else...


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      ASCII 8bit (Latin 1): 0214= 0228= 0229= 0246= and so on....


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        The word list import is being done on the assumption that the file is in UTF-8.

        So if you switch your list to UTF-8 encoding it should import cleanly. At the moment characters in the extended ASCII range are being interpreted as UTF8, results in the random symbols you saw.

        In V2 of OSF, which should be available ~Jan 2013, we'll modify this function to use a BOM. Which means you can have some control over the character set used.

        I am fairly sure you can do the conversion in Notepad. Just select UFT8 as the encoding in the Save As window.


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          It worked, saving the text-file in Notepad.exe as UTF8.