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Startnet.cmd for winpe usb

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  • Startnet.cmd for winpe usb

    Is it possible to manually edit this file on the USB using notepad? Wizard has too many steps for this. Seems to be getting overwritten to a previous config each boot. Is is in a couple directories. Which is the active one? TY!

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    When using WinPE Builder, the Startup Script tab, you can select Custom and then browse to a location where have your own custom startnet.cmd script. Alternatively, in the program directory is a Scripts folder that contain the default startnet.cmd texts that is loaded.

    If you need to edit the startnet.cmd script after you already created a WinPE image, you will need to manually mount the image, and edit the contents accordingly, and then unmount and save the image. This is beyond our support offering, you can read more about using DISM on Microsoft's website.


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      Makes sense now. Thank you.