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Password recovery - Client Error: 1 [Solution]

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  • Password recovery - Client Error: 1 [Solution]

    While trying to crack the password in an Excel file using Password recovery module in OSForensics the following error was encountered.

    Client Error: 1

    We believe this is due to firewall issues.

    The password recovery feature was designed (in the future) to run across multiple machines. So it uses TCP/IP to run multiple cracking instances. So any firewall / internet security product the user has running might dislike this. This is what Windows Defending displays when you run the "Decryption & Password Recovery" feature for the first time.

    Password cracking firewall permissions

    So you need to allow access through the firewall for the "run_server.exe" file. At the moment it only uses local networking, so it doesn't need internet access just TCP/IP on local host.
    Run_server.exe is a process that controls the (potentially) distributed cracking clients on the CPU and GPU.

    The problem won't just effect Excel files, but any file that is being cracked.

    Once it is running you should see a screen like this.
    Password cracking

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    Thanks a lot Sir. But while recovering password for .pdf file, again the Client Error: 1 is appearing. Please, do the needful.


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      Seems to be the same issue as documented above.


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        Thanks a lot Sir.