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Iamge USB Partition Size question ImageUSB

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  • Iamge USB Partition Size question ImageUSB

    Hi there,
    long time ago since I used the Forum. Because everything is working well.

    I came across the "new" tool Image USB and it looks very interesting to provide BIOS Update USB-Drives to our customers.

    Don't know yet if I found a bug or a feature. I grabbed an image from a very small driver. 512MB only. Partition size is 400 something MB FAT32.

    As the webpage says: "Unlike other USB duplication tools, ImageUSB can preserve all unused and slack space during the cloning process, including the Master Boot Record (MBR). ImageUSB can perform flawless mass duplications of all UFD images, including bootable UFDs."

    I was hoping I can transfer this image to a larger drive, and the partition will be extended to all the available size. I used a 1GB driver, but the partition was not resized so I only can use half the drive.

    Did I misunderstand or did I find a bug? Or is it possible to change the behavior?

    From the licensing point of view, are we allowed to distribute the tool together with an image file in one ZIP file from our downloadcenter? We don't want to change any copyright or branding. This "distribution" is for free ofcourse.

    Does this fancy tool support any command line options, like pre-selecting an image file or allow image restore only? To make usage easier for people that don't know "all the computer secretes" . Just disable some of the GUI functions.

    Kind Regards

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    I shoud have continued reading, just found the answer.

    Warning: Due to the forensic nature of image duplication by ImageUSB, please ensure that you select UFDs with a storage size similar to the image you wish to duplicate. For example, if a 2GB image is copied to an 8GB USB Flash Drive, the drive will only be able to use two out of the eight gigabytes of storage space. In this scenario, users will need to reformat the UFD in order to access the rest of the storage space.


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      Yes, the copy is a byte for byte copy. So if your partition is 400MB to start with on the source drive. It will still be 400MB on the destination drive.

      Yes, you can distribute the tool.

      There aren't command line options to do what you want.