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Issues with german umlauts in image names

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  • Issues with german umlauts in image names


    it seems like both, OSForensics and OSFMount have some issues mounting images if the filename contains any german umlauts (, , , ).
    I get the following error message within OSForensics: "Unable to open image file (xxxxx.E01). Please ensure the file exists and the necessary permissions are set."

    Whereas OSFMount seems to read it, but fails to detect any partitions. Trying to select a partition to mount fails with the error message: "No partitions found on the image file. The entire image file shall be used as the disk size.". If I go ahead mounting the entire file as disk, I end up with an inaccessible mounted drive.

    Permissions are checked already and all parts of the multipart image file are present.
    When I mount an image without umlauts, it works flawlessly.

    Tested with OSForensics v5.2 and v6.0 on Win10 and Win7.

    Is this a known issue?

    Thank you in advance.

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    We'll test it, but just to be sure it is the file name causing the issue and not the content, did you try renaming a non working image. i.e. change to u.

    Update: Yes it is a bug. We'll need to fix it. For the moment just rename the file.


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      It works now!
      Thank you guys for the fast fix!