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V2.0.1002 Patch Release now available

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  • V2.0.1002 Patch Release now available

    v2.0.1002 - released 11th of March 2013

    This patch release contains the following changes,

    • Fixed error when attempting to select a file in the listview with no items.
    • $I30 directory entries now returned even if the MFT record does not contain a $FILE_NAME attribute.
    • Fixed a bug in the report template where Web Snapshots, Notes, Emails and Bookmark tables were not being sorted when their heading columns were clicked.
    • Fixed a crash when changing hex view settings.
    • Changes to Forensic File Copy to better handle conflicts with 8.3 names on NTFS.
    • Fixed a bug in the recent activity scan on non-live systems where USB devices were not displaying a last connected time and date.
    • Fixed a bug where the scroll bar was not updating on the recent activity page when using the mousewheel.
    • In File Info tab, added 'Short file name' field for NTFS/FAT 8.3 short filenames.
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing the recent activity module from getting windows system event information for the live system.
    • Added filename and file extension sorting to index search.
    • Fixed a crash when viewing/export a download recent activity record.
    • Added right-click option to save file to disk for the filepath hyperlink in the Decode Window.
    • Added progress bar when saving file to disk, allowing the user to cancel if taking too long.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when scrolling on the recent activity tab.
    • Fixed a bug where in the recent activity items the chrome form history items could be saved with the currently registered username for OSF not the local user.
    • Fixing a bug in the recent activity CSV save to case / export where the time offset was saved in the location field for MRU items.

    Full version history can be found here,