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Unable to add folder when creating index

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  • Unable to add folder when creating index


    I'm a first time user and I'm having an issue that may have an easy fix, idk. I'm attempting to create an index from an image that is located on my C: partition. I'm not able to add the image when selecting it in the "Add Start Location" window. I'm choosing to create index for whole drive, and I'm receiving error: "Failed to add folder". I've tried to choose just the partition with the Specific Folder option but I am receiving error: "No files found to index, index not added to case". With the specific folder option, I am able to index, but I always end up with the second error. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I've checked write permissions on the image which is set to full control for everyone.

    OS: Windows 10 Home
    OSForensics Version: 6.1.1002

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    You need to add the disk image to the case before doing anything else. Use the "Add device" function in the left menu for this.

    Once the image is added, the you can select it during the Create Index process.


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      Thank you!