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  • Capture of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

    Hello Passmark!

    Do you have any recommendations or best practices on using OSForensics' web-capture capability for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

    I am familiar with X1 Social Discovery but would rather utilize my license of OSForensics.

    Many thanks!

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    It depends a bit on the circumstances.

    There is a web browser built into OSF that can capture web pages. It can also spider links from a page to pickup all the sub pages. But if the whole thing is private / password protected, you'll obviously need the password.

    There is also an option to capture what is in the clipboard. So if their Facebook account was already open in a 3rd party browser you can just Alt-PrintScreen, then paste to grab it.

    So (one possible) process for capture of Twitter (and similar sites) would be to
    1) Visit the Twitter page in question
    2) Scroll down the time line to you have the enough of the time line in the browser (Twitter auto-loads posts via Ajax as you scroll down)
    3) Select "Whole page" capture from the menu
    4) Click some button again to capture the loaded time line to the case
    5) The saves the feed as a PNG file.

    Twitter Time line

    This the the Save window. It shows a thumbnail of the image to be saved. Of course the actual image in the case is full resolution.

    Capture image from browser