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Tips for recreating a RAID

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  • Tips for recreating a RAID

    Hello, I recently was asked to help recreate a Western Digital PRO series My Cloud, which my brief research shows to use a software RAID. I was wondering if there was any tips for recreating a RAID? Each of the hard drives has four partitions on it.

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    We have never looked into the Western Digital PRO series My Cloud device.
    What type of RAID do you think it is? Mirrored, stripped? How many drives?


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      Sir, what I was told is it was setup as a RAID 0 and had 4 drives each one 6 TB.


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        I just checked. According to WD's web site, the feature is optional and configurable (at least for some models). Supporting RAID0,1,5,10, JBOD & Spanning.

        So converting 24TB of data will take a long time. If you want to remove the RAID (and convert to a normal volume), then you need an additional 24TB of storage.

        I assume the WD device has failed and this prompted the need to recover the drives? And there is no backup?
        Fastest solution would be, I suspect, to buy another WD My Cloud device of the same model and drop the drives into it.


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          After consulting the parties involved they decided to place the drives in an unused device they had as a spare (that I wasn't aware of until I asked) and yes the device had failed and no backup had ever been made. They hadn't tested the new device with the drives yet or at least told me the outcome if they have. But thanks for the good advice. Considering how long it took me to create images of those 4 hard drives, I can only image the length of time that the RAID creation would have taken. Should it manage to overwrite the drives we have the images to recreate them.