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Drive Preparation errors?

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  • Drive Preparation errors?

    I've been preparing some evidence drives using OSForensics drive prep tool. It worked perfectly with a 1 TB drive but kept failing to verify the write on a 4 TB drive. I didn't think to check the logs or ask for assistance at the time but I was able to use Paladin to wipe and verify the drive successfully. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to best go about wiping (and verifying the wipe) on larger drives, or if anyone else has had the same trouble?

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    We aren't aware of any problem. It should work fine on 4TB+ drives.
    Getting the error message / logs might help.
    Do you remember if the error happened near the start or end of the verification?


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      It was at the very end, in fact if I am remembering correctly it had wiped the drive successfully and then failed at like 99% of verification. I am going to be preparing another 4 TB drive next week so if it gives me any errors I will make sure to send the error logs.


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        There is a small chance that the drive was in fact bad (and the other tools didn't detect the failure, or the failure was intermittent).
        But we'll have a look through he code to see if there is anything suspicious.


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          I had a chance to take a look at the code and didn't seem anything obvious that would cause it verification to fail for 4TB drive. I didn't have any 4TB drives, but testing on a couple 3TB drives in-house didn't result in any issues. If your test next week results in errors again, please let us know the error message (data verification, read past end of drive, read timeout, etc) and provide the logs if possible. We can also provide a debug build that is able to specify a byte range for "wipe/verification" process, so if the issue is at the end of the drive, you wouldn't need to wait for hours to reach it.