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  • OSFMount and E01

    Hello all,
    I have a question aboutOSFMount and a partition problem. I want to use it on the command line ( for a personal python script, but I have a problem when mounting my E01. It creates a physical volume but without any partition when the image should have two. The idea of ​​the script is to have a physical volume created from E01, then to convert it to vmdk with VBoxManage to make a VM.

    When I use the graphical version, everything works, even the virtual machine.

    I use the following command:
    • -a -t file -o wc, physical -f D: /8_Img_test/WinX_E01/WinX_E01.E01
    • -a -t file -o wc, physical -f D: /8_Img_test/WinX_E01/WinX_E01.E01 -v #

    Did the error come from my order? Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my English

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    What is the output from this command?
    Code: -l -m [physical drive #]
    where [physical drive #] is the physical drive number assigned to the mounted disk.

    Also, what is displayed in the GUI after mounting the drive. It should show something similar to this after running the command.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	osfmount.png Views:	0 Size:	11.8 KB ID:	46637

    FYI, the command used to mount the above disk was the following
    Code: -a -t file -o wc,physical -f e:\images\2parts.Ex01


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      Hello Keith,
      Thanks for your response, the problem is solved !
      When I type the path with "/", it doesn't work (the physical drive is empty), but when I do it with "\" everything works (the physical drive and the 2 partitions)
      Thanks again.