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    Hi there,

    how can I get the content of a specific folder within the File System Browser, fe having hundreds of documents in the suer specific directory "recent" I would like to export the list of documents including the time stamps, size and, if possible, the hash of the file to an excel spreadsheet for further analysis, like timeline analysis.

    Is there any way i can do this?

    By the way, any function for "flattening" a directory containing sub directories with files planned?

    Best regards

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    There is a powerful dumping option in the "Create signature" module.

    1) You enter your folder path
    2) Click on "Config"
    3) Pick "File listing"
    4) Select the type of hash you want (SHA1, or MD5)
    5) Check the boxes to scan inside Zips and EMails Archives, if you need this.
    6) Close the config window and click on start

    This will create a flat CSV file you can load into Excel.