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How to recover data from a ddrescue image

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  • How to recover data from a ddrescue image

    I am trying to use OSFMount to access the data from a complete raw HDD image made by ddrescue.

    The partition table is intact and accessible but my HDD has a partition encrypted with Truecrypt with the data that I need to salvage.

    Truecrypt fails to interpret the new "device" from OSFMount as a device ...

    So I have to copy the partition into a new file and start from there ...
    Now is the problem:
    If I try to "copy | transform" the correct encrypted partition into a new file for Truecrypt I get "CRC error found" and at the it stops copying ...

    Is there anyway to ignore or bypass those CRC errors ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I assume that if you were using ddrescue, then the physical drive had failed or was in the process of failing.

    ddrescue normally makes a log file. Were there a lot of errors reported in the disk imaging process?

    As far as I know neither Truecrypt nor OSFMount have any option called "Copy | Transform". So where was this function? Where the CRC errors reported by Windows itself, or by some other tool? If you are trying to recover a corrupted truecrypt partition you might be better off in the truecrypt support forums.


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      I am trying to recover a damaged HDD with a Truecrypt partition.
      Nonetheless the errors that I am getting are related to OSFMount.
      OSFMount can read the partition table and even assign a drive letter.
      But If I select the "copy to image" option I get a single "CRC failed" error ( it is translated to my native Windows language ( Portuguese ) ) and it aborts the copy.
      Afterwards Truecrypt can try to interpret the resulting image as a container ( I hope ... )

      What I am asking is there any way to force OSFMount to ignore those errors and copy the image nonetheless ?
      I already know that the image might have CRC errors...


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        There is no Portuguese text in our software. So the error is coming from the Windows O/S.

        I would duplicate the image you have before you do anything else. Then start experimenting on the duplicate. Maybe you can mount the partition then run the Windows "Error checking" tools on the mounted drive. This might correct the CRC errors. It will probably also result in data loss however (but you probably already have data loss).

        Dumb question, but I assume you have no backups of your data.


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          I followed your advice and made several copies of the image and started to work with several "error checking" utils....
          Thanks for the tip...