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  • OSForensics Certification

    Hello PassMark Colleagues -

    I love your tool and have used it on many cases to great effect.

    Do you have any plans for a certification program such as the EnCe certification Guidance Software offers?

    I would pay for training and certification if you offered it.


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    We are in the process of preparing a training course at the moment.

    It will be focused on giving an introduction to OSForensics and some of the basic forensics concepts. So it won't cover every function and option in the software. Later on we might do something else focused on more advanced functions.

    The plan at the moment is to have something that we can both put online and also use in face to face classes. It will probably be a couple of months before it is done however.

    Having said that, there are already a couple of 3rd parties running ad-hoc forensics training courses that use OSF for at least some of the course. They tend to focus on doing courses for groups of people however (i.e. there needs to be a group of people needing training at the same time and place).


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      That sounds good. I would also be interested in some form of certification.

      Are you able to list 3rd party training classes that are now using OSForensic?


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        The High Tech Crime Institute Group (HTCI Group), Florida, are the best bet for OSForensics training at the moment if you are in the USA.

        DDR, I will E-mail you some direct contact information.