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Media Removable vs Media Fixed

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  • Media Removable vs Media Fixed

    Any help info from someone who knows how to use this would be awesome.

    What is the difference between setting a RAM drive to be media removable and media fixed? I'm guessing that in media removable, you can temporarily remove the RAM drive but what is the significance of this? Why is this important?

    Thanks for any helpful advice.

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    It is a flag for the operating system.
    The O/S (and 3rd party apps) might do different things for different drive types.

    One example would be delayed write back caching. It isn't safe to delay a write to a removable disk. But for a fixed disk it is safer to assume the disk won't be suddenly removed.
    Another example would be loading device drivers, Windows doesn't like loading parts of the kernel code (device drivers) from removalable disks.