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    hey guys

    I try to create a logical android image the problem is the OSFExtract App is not installed on my phone (NEXUS 4 rooted) as a result i get the message connection error and not all the folders included in the image file especially those i wanted

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    The devices needs to be placed in debug mode to transfer files. Is the device in debug mode?


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      Yes it was in usb debug mode i follow the instructions in the link but the application on the phone it doesnt appear at all


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        i think the problem is that my SuperSu dont recognize that OSFExtract App trying to install because it doesnt pop up any promt for grand access
        to the app


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          We've seen one other similar report of the issue, but was never able to determine the cause. OSForensics uses ADB to install the app to the device. ADB would report that the installation was successful but it was not actually installed. From OSForensics point of view, the app installed and then it would wait for OSFExtract app to start and report back, but it never does before the timeout.

          Can you manually run the command to install the OSFExtract app? Open a Command Prompt window and enter

          List the connected devices
          C:\PROGRA~1\OSFORE~1\adb\adb.exe devices -l
          Install the app to the device of choice (substitute with deviceId from previous command)
          C:\PROGRA~1\OSFORE~1\adb\adb.exe -s <deviceId> install -r C:\PROGRA~1\OSFORE~1\adb\OSFEXT~1.APK
          If it reports "Success" the it should of been installed. You can verify that it is by running the following command
          C:\PROGRA~1\OSFORE~1\adb\adb.exe -s <deviceId> shell pm list packages -f osf
          OSFExtract is used to retrieve call logs, contacts, and mms/sms. For other accessible files, it uses ADB to transfer those over. If OSForensics cannot install the app, you can try sideloading it to see if that would work. The APK is in the OSForensics Program Files "adb" directory. You can then start OSFExtract yourself when OSForensics tries to communicate with the device.


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            thanks for the reply i get this error Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
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              Would your Nexus 4 device be running an Android version earlier than 7.0. It may be the issue described on this post. The osfextract.apk should be signed, but I can't remember if it was using V1 or V2 of the signature. I have resigned the APK to use both. Can you test with the osfextract.apk located here?


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                yes the nexus has the version of android 5.1.1 thanks for the other apk it work!


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                  Thank you for confirming. We'll package the dual signed OSFExtract APK with the next build release for OSForensics V8.