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  • OSForensics error search index

    I can't use Search within Files. Error: "Error performing search. Could not load settings.zdat file".
    Create Index was successfull.
    I try to use v3.0.1001 and v2.2.1000 on Windows7 and Windows8.
    Please help.

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    Can you give a few more details.

    Which O/S was this on?
    How many files were indexed (not zero I assume)?

    The settings.zdat file is part of the search index that is, or should be, created once the document indexing process is complete.

    The file should be in the folder you selected for the Case. By default this folder will be,


    Can you check what files are in your case folder.


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      O/S on indexed disk - Windows 7.
      Were indexed about 300 files.
      I found the settings.zdat file in my case folder.

      Oh... I see Thank you for your reply.
      My username contains cyrillic symbols. OSForensics can save in this folder, but can't reed from it. I created the case folder without cyrillic symbols in the path and it works.


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        Sounds like a bug.

        At least there is a simple work around. But we'll need to get it fixed.


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          This is now fixed for the next OSF release.

          The problem can also occur with case names that contain Unicode characters. It should now be fixed for all of these cases.

          Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
          PassMark Software