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Mounting vhdx images, created with Windows Disk Management

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  • Mounting vhdx images, created with Windows Disk Management

    1) Is vhdx supported at all?
    The image-file-formats.html only mentions that vhd is supported, but there's nothing about vhdx.
    However, it turns out that vhdx format works, at least partially (Great, thanks!). That is, I am able to mount a vhdx image, created with Disk2vhd v2.01 with OSFMount v3.1 (1000) on my Windows 10 x64 v1803.

    So... Could you please clarify, is vhdx "supported"/"supported experimentally" or something?
    Maybe it would be a good idea to adjust the "image-file-formats.html" to make it clearer?

    2) The vhdx creted with Windows Disk Management
    Meanwhile, I'm unable to mount a vhdx, created with Windows Disk Management

    Reproduction steps:
    1. Create new dummy 100MB vhdx file on a local HDD with
      right click on start -> disk management -> Action -> Create VHD.
      1. Either dynamically-expanding or fixed-size.
      2. Put it on a local HDD.
      3. Initialize it as MBR.
      4. Quick-format whole disk as NTFS.
    2. The vhdx is automatially mounted OK, it is possible to copy a file into it. Disconnecting and re-attaching also works OK in Windows Disk Management.
    3. Try to mount it with OSFMount (not-as-RAM-drive, not-as-removable-media, Read-only, Emulation=Logical).
      1. Note that "Mount partitions as virtual disks" option is not availible. Only "Mount entive image as virtual disk".
      2. The OSFMount produces no error messages. The drive letter is created, as well as the corresponding line in "Mounted virtual disks" table in OSFMount GUI.
      3. However, when I try to open this disk in Windows File Explorer, I get
        		[Window Title]
        		Location is not available
        		D:\ is not accessible.
        		The parameter is incorrect.
    4. Try to mount it with OSFMount with Emulation=Physical.
      1. The Windows Disk Management says "Unallocated" for the whole disk.

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    Just to follow up on this.

    The correct link to the list of supported file formats is here,

    VHDX isn't supported at the moment. But VHD is.
    Correspondence via Email later on showed that the file you successfully mounted wasn't VHDX but VHD.


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      Indeed, file I successfully mounted wasn't VHDX but VHD. Thanks for the reply.
      Hope VHDX support would be added soon