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read/write mount over smb?

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  • read/write mount over smb?

    I've backed up a large (manyTB) ntfs drive to my linux NAS. While I can mount it read-only over samba, I get permission errors when I try to mount it read-write (Also can't access it at all via mapped drive letters, only via a complete unc network path, but I'm guessing that's because those might be unique to my user and not the permission level that osfmount is running at). Is there anyway to make this work? I'm wondering if its because its trying to write the cache file to the same location as the image file and doesn't have permission. Would there be a way to specify an alternate cache file location?

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    What format is the backup in?
    OSFMount only supports writing for some formats.
    Can you trying giving OSFMount write permission to the folder and see if that fixes it?


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      as far as I can tell, my regular user does have read-write permissions to the share (and directory) where the image was created. It was created with ddrescue, i.e. a plain raw image of the partition (not the whole disc, i.e. the image file I created in linux I'm calling sdf1) (and is missing some blocks, have recovered all but about 10MB of the data, but a decent amount of the damage is to the MFT, and hence why I would like to try and mount it with a cache file to see what chkdsk can do with it).

      when I try to mount it read-write I get an error, but works perfectly fine as a logical disk (i.e. partition) only when mounted read-only and chkdsk can see it and all the damage, but obviously fails when it tries to repair it.


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        Can you move the image to a local drive (not on the Linux NAS) and then see if it works. This should narrow down the problem somewhat to either being permissions, the Linux NAS, the corrupted MFT or OSFMount itself.

        Also what was the exact error message?


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          need to figure that out. moving a 2TB file around isn't the easiest thing


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            so I found an external unused 8tb drive I was able to copy it to, copied it to it, was able to mount it read-write (and chkdsk did its thing, but didnt really help in the end), but I couldn't create a cache file. that was a greyed out option.


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              The 'Write mode' dropdown box should only be greyed out when 'Read-Only Drive' is checked.

              Can you post a screenshot of the greyed out option?