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Smallest possible image usb bin file

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  • Richard (PassMark)
    If what you are saying is the space is mostly empty, you should be able to compress (e.g. zip) the .bin image to a size easily emailable. If you don't need it to be in imageUSB .bin format, then you can use OSFMount to create an empty RAM Disk of 8MB in size and then save the image to file.

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  • lyseoy
    started a topic Smallest possible image usb bin file

    Smallest possible image usb bin file

    I have a bin image file of a 128 MB flash drive that I use to mount on a virtual desktop with OSFMount, and it works great. The thing is, this file only has a few kilobytes of data in it, so even 128 MB is overkill. It would be nice to have a bin file of only 8 MB for example, so that it can easily be emailed etc.

    Unfortunately 8 MB flash drives are last century, and I don't have one.

    Any ideas how I can create such a image bin file? Or does anyone have one that they could share?