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  • OSForensics V10 Alpha

    We are pleased to announce the Alpha release of V10 of OSForensics for community testing and feedback.

    Download link:
    OSForensics V10 Alpha 3

    Licence requirements:
    Old keys from V9 will not work in V10.
    The link above will work as a 30 day trial.

    Free upgrades:
    When the final V10 release is complete anyone will active support or a subscription will get a free upgrade to V10.

    Is it complete:
    No. We are still adding new functionality

    Is it stable:
    Probably not as stable as V9. But should be mostly OK. We aren't aware of any crash bugs at this time, but please tell us if it isn't stable.

    What's new:

    Boot VM
    • Will now display a proper error message when booting from VirtualBox failed (eg. when Intel VT-x/AMD-V is not enabled)
    • Added check for whether VirtualBox extension pack is installed if USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 controller is selected
    • Added check and display error for partition-only images without a supported OS before mounting as physical disk
    • Added support for password bypass for Win 10/Server 2016 Builds 17763 and 19041 (via PEPassPass v1.2.3)

    Case Manager
    • Support for adding recovered partitions to case
    • Added ability to save and load custom templates for evidence categories
    • Added ability to rename case devices after they have been added
    • Add Device, changed the default display name to include the date the shadow copy was taken.
    • Report Generation, separated the HTML and PDF report options into different templates, no longer need to generate a HTML report to get a PDF copy
    • Report Generation, added the details of OSFOrensics digital signature to generated reports
    • Report Generation, updated "Link to case files" and "Copy files to report location" options to "Create Redacted Report" and "Create Full Length Report" to be more descriptive
    • Report Generation, added ability to toggle the inclusion of signature certificate verification information in report generation dialog
    • Report Generation, Added "Software Verification" link in report sidebar
    • Report Generation, Added certificate verification information to non HTML reports

    Clipboard Viewer / ThumbCache Viewer
    • Will now draw checkerboard background for improved display of transparent images
    • Improved drawing of images to reduce flickering

    Deleted Files
    • Updated to allow selecting of carving of MFT Only, MFT and Carving, or Carving Only
    • MFT and Carving now enabled by default
    • Added minimum size requirement for carved JPGs (126 bytes), GIFs (43 Bytes), PNGs (68 bytes)
    • Changed name Plist to Binary Plist and improved detection to limit false positives
    • File carving, fixed possible crash when carving MP3 files
    • File carving, improved MP3/JPG detection to cut down on the number of false positive results returned
    • Added secondary sorting on second column (via dropdown and/or control click on details tab)
    • Disabled sorting while deleted file scan is in progress
    • Lowered priority level of carving threads to improve response from computer when carving is in progress
    • Thumbnail Tab, added a quality level indicator to the thumbnails preview
    • Added support for carving MFT file records on non-NTFS quick formatted volumes
    • Added support for recovering files from carved MFT records. This enables recovery of files from a quick-formatted volume
    • Added new scan method to config window, changed dropdown box to checkboxes.
    • Prepend "Carved MFT" to 'Source String' of files recovered from carved MFT records to differentiate from normal deleted files
    • Added check for large buffer sizes before allocating memory when detecting faces
    • Background LED indicator fixed, indicator would incorrectly reset after "Saving Delete File to Disk" while scan is running.
    • File carving, optimization, improved efficiency of pattern matching code. This change roughly doubles the speed of file carving.
    • File carving, optimization, updated extensions with header signature. Changed empty buffer detection to faster implementation to detect empty or repeating blocks read from disk. Scanning empty sectors is now 6 times faster
    • File carving, optimization, improved the responsiveness for OSForensics when carving is running
    • File carving, optimization, increased the number of carving threads to 75% of available logical processors, up to a max of 32
    • File carving, improved carving of HTML files
    • File carving, reduced false positives for FLV files
    • File carving, changed the naming of file to be more informative, new format "Carved .JPG file found at 310GB - byte offset 0x482D709C00.jpg"
    • File carving, better handling of .eml files (will verify that both "From:" and "Date:" field are present
    • File carving, reduced repeated carving for file signatures with the same headers (e.g. TIFF family, ZIP family).
    • File carving, ensure recovered carved file will not exceed the max file size specified by extension (or 100 MB, whichever is less)
    • Opening internal viewer for Plist Files from within the deleted files module should now work
    • Further optimizations to file carving. Improved accuracy for JPG files and overall performance. Compared to final V9 release, current file carving code is over 6x faster (benchmarked with an Mac E01 disk image with default carving config)

    Device Manager
    • Scan up to a maximum number of sectors when looking for recovered partitions. This prevents unbounded scanning of disks with large amount of unpartitioned space

    Disk Image and Filesystem Support
    • HFS+, preliminary support for compressed files
    • HFS+, fixed bug in decompressing zlib-compressed file data
    • HFS+, support for reading lzvn-compressed file data stored in resource fork
    • APFS, fixed bug causing buffer overflow when reading extended attributes (eg. compressed files)
    • APFS, fixed reading compressed file data for files with hard links
    • APFS, fixed bug in decompressing zlib-compressed file data

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    What's New Continued...

    E-mail Viewer
    • Message body containing inline content (eg. base64-encoded jpgs) now displayed as attachments

    ESEDB Viewer
    • Viewer now displays when binary data has been found
    • Search now looks for ASCII strings present in binary data fields.

    File Name Search
    • Fixed $FILE_NAME dates not being displayed for entire disk images added to case
    • Added a reset button to config dialog which sets all changes made by user back to their defaults
    • Made several popup dialogs to close when 'esc' is pressed
    • Now using ffmpeg library instead of exiftool for counting video tracks for better performance

    Forensic and Cloud Imaging
    • Rebuild RAID Disk, added support for detecting and rebuilding Linux mdadm RAID using superblock v1.X

    Internal Viewer
    • Perform initialization/shutdown of Media Foundation once rather than for every internal viewer instance
    • Fixed issue that prevented deleted files opened from File System Browser from showing in the File Viewer
    • Fixed incorrect thumbnail being draw for current item, after the list is updated
    • Migrated library for media playback from Windows Media Foundation to ffmpeg
    • Added support for playing media from memory buffer sources (eg. deleted files)
    • Will now display a specific error message when attempting to open media file with corrupted attributes (duration, video pixel format, etc)
    • Fixed flickering from redrawing thumbnails from deleted search result
    • Added a check to only redraw thumbnails if the items changed
    • Metadata, display an error message if exiftool executable was not found
    • Fixed multithreading bug causing media playback issues when opening multiple instances of the same file
    • Fixed video paint issues when resizing window
    • Fixed first video frame occasionally being displayed immediately after loading preview thumbnail images

    Install to USB
    • Fixed bug, files required by the web browser module were not being copied

    • Added localisation support for Korean and Chinese (simplified and traditional) (still a work in progress)

    OSForensics Digital Signature Verification
    • Added button to start screen (in housekeeping section) that verifies the integrity the program and displays a dialog with the information. Equivalent to going to the properties for the OSF executable, going to the digital signatures tab and clicking the details of the signature to verify the digital certificate is valid.

    Password Recovery
    • Fixed decrypting of wifi passwords on some machines due to a bug in PBKDF2 algorithm
    • Updated common passwords dictionary with passwords obtained from more recent data breaches, increased number of unique passwords from ~10,000 to ~2.3 Million
    • Fixed password recovery issue with the records in "Windows.old" folder
    • Fixed crash in ZIP password recovery when testing a single password

    Search Index
    • Fixed GDI handle leak

    SQLite Browser
    • New Tab to shown Unallocated Space (Free Pages/Blocks) within SQLite database file
    • Added Run SQL tab, allows users to write their own SQL statements
    • Updated sqlite source files (e.g. Sqlite3.c/Sqlite3.h) from to V3.38.0

    Start Window
    • Added settings option to allow for selecting language in use

    System Information
    • Added partition selection dialog when scanning whole disk image with multiple partitions

    Thumbnail Cache / Viewer
    • Attempt to generate video file thumbnails if file extension is a known video type
    • Attempt to load thumbnails only if the filename has a known file extension
    • Set maximum thumbnail cache size of 2000 to prevent exceeding GDI handle limit
    • Fixed multithreaded handling of video thumbnail generation using Media Foundation
    • Fixed thumbnail icons not appearing in thumbnail view
    • Added check for large buffer sizes before allocating memory for displaying thumbnails
    • Migrated library used for video thumbnail generation from Windows Media Foundation to ffmpeg
    • Fixed pixelated play icon for video thumbnails

    User Activity
    • Added Cortana history category. Finds reminders, events, contacts and search history as well as location at time of creation.
    • Passwords, added an option to scan "Windows.old" folder which stores the backups of the previously installed Windows, this option is enabled by default and can be disabled from the Config dialog.
    • Fixed an issue where Moved Downloads not recognizing the system drive on live acquisition mode

    Web Server Log Viewer
    • Added menu for filtering for common web exploits such as SQL injections

    • Refresh physical disk info only when there is device change notification, to reduce costly re-scanning of physical disks
    • Keep single instance of physical disk info shared between all modules
    • Fixed bugs with some MessageBoxes opening to wrong handle
    • Changed some dialogs to close when 'esc' is pressed and centred others
    • Installer, added language selection when running installer


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      Alpha 2 12th May 2022

      File Name Search
      • Added Hash Set column which identifies which hash set the file was located in
      • Moved filter description to the right of dialog more so it wasn't overwriting the tab names

      • Fixed invalid character appearing in Python API HTML documentation causing compile errors in Help+Manual

      Internal Viewer
      • Automatically rotate videos if rotation metadata available

      • Added localization for Search Index, Signatures, Analyze Volume Shadow Copies, File Hashing, Remote Acquisition, Customize Workflow, File System Browser and some Top/Right-click menus

      Mismatch File Search
      • Separated default and user-created filters, removed “built-in” text

      Manage Case
      • Added time zone names to time zone drop down and case report

      • Rearranged some ok/cancel buttons for consistency, fixed up some out of place buttons/controls

      Search Index
      • Fixed bug where swapping tabs did not update 'sort by' text to what has been selected for that tab
      • Fixed bug where 'sort by' popup menu had wrong sort option checked
      • Disabled 'sort by' control when selecting timeline/browse index/history tabs

      SQLite Browser
      • Fixed Bug where SQLite associated files were not being opened by SQLite Browser

      Alpha 3 13th May 2022

      File Name Search
      • Fixed bug that was preventing file name search from working correctly
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