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Problem detecting HPA

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  • Problem detecting HPA

    I am having issues detecting whether or not I have an HPA on my SSD and I suspect a virus is stopping me from being able to detect it, any time I try I get the following messages

    Could not retrieve Max User LBA
    Could not retrieve Max Native LBA - GET NATIVE MAX Command issue failed
    Could not retrieve Max Disk LBA - DCO Locked

    I am about ready to throw out my drive so any help would be appriciated

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    What model drive is it?
    How is it connected to the motherboard (USB, SATA, PCIE, etc..)?
    Do you have the correct & latest device driver and firmware for the drive?
    What is the capacity of the drive when it was sold? Does it still report its full capacity?

    Is the drive working normally except for the above errors?


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      Another thought.
      You need to also make sure the correct drive is selected from the drop down list of drives. Not having a drive selected can result in the errors you have reported above.