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OSF to Vol Scan Crash

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  • OSF to Vol Scan Crash

    Hello all. I'm so new to this so please bare with me.

    I first used Dumpit to get a .raw for Vol. It scanned the .raw file but keep crashing near the end of the scanning process. So I went ahead and installed OSF since I am scanning on the same pc im having issues with. I ran OSF (Auto Triage) because I was not sure which other option to run. It created a .bin with .cfg file. Went to Vol and selected the bin file. Everything was going well but then the scanning process stopped at 99.99% on Scanning memory_layer using PdbSignatureScanner. Im lost and not sure what to do next. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!!

    Win 10
    32g ram

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    We don't use or support Dumpit, so can't comment on that.

    What are you trying to do? Scan a disk Volume, or a get a live memory dump?

    Or are you talking about the open source Volatility tool when you are referring to "Vol"?

    We only provide a graphical interface for Volatility. So if there is a problem with the GUI we can help you out, but if the command line tool isn't working we can't help.


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      Thanks for the response.
      Im doing a memory dump and Volatility Workbench is the tool I am using to read the Dumpit raw file.
      I am new to this so sorry for the mix up.


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        Current version of Volatility-workbench is here.

        At the moment the stand alone download is slightly more up to date than OSF version. So you might want to try that.