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Google Chrome History - Not Parsing Visits Table

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  • Google Chrome History - Not Parsing Visits Table

    Good Day All,

    I've been doing some testing and noticed differences between several software programs with the Chrome history results. I've discovered that OSF does not parse the Visits table within the History SQL database. My process for finding this is listed below:

    1. Performed a Google search in Chrome for "hard drive" - 7/13/2023, 19:32:22
    2. In the results page I clicked on a link and viewed that link - 7/13/2023 19:32:30
    3. Returned to the initial search results page and clicked on a different link - 7/13/2023 19:33:01
    4. Returned to initial search results page and repeated for a total of 4 times to the initial search page. Last time was 7/13/2023 19:39:33

    The 19:32:22 time was the initial search entry,but was not found in the OSF parsed history. It only existed in the Visits table (found using DB Viewer for SQLite software)
    The visit count next to the entry from 19:32:22 was four, which was accurate. That was the number of times I accessed the initial results page; however, the first time in OSF parsed history that the search shows up is at 19:39:33, which is the last time I went back to the initial search page.

    Bottom line is OSF is not showing the initial visit, because it's not parsing the "visits" table.

    Is this something you might correct or is that what is expected?


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    Chrome has changed some of their internal structures over time. Do you know which version of Chrome this was on and which O/S version?

    We'll take a look in any case.
    There are a lot of changes coming in V11 of OSF for this type of thing.


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      "Initial/Intermediate visit times not shown in OSF."

      Yes, the result is as expected (in the current software).

      As the column name (Date Last Accessed) explains we're only displaying the Last Visit Time at the moment.

      The Browser History Chrome records are retrieved from "urls" table of the History database file (Columns: url, title, visit_count, last_visit_time).

      "visits" table is not parsed in V10.

      We'll have a look at it for V11.