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imageUSB + OSFMount not working

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  • imageUSB + OSFMount not working

    I made a full image of a complete raw USB Harddisk via imageUSB into a bin file.
    The Harddisk in itself contained only raw data, it was fully encrypted with TrueCrypt.
    Since the truecrypt is messed up I wanted to try recovery measures on the image bin file instead of the disk itself.

    But mounting the bin file in TrueCrypt fails!
    Since mounting the disk in TrueCrypt works fine there is something wrong with the imageUSB bin file?

    I could not mount the bin file with other tools as well, just with OSFMount it works.
    But sadly Truecrypt does not let me select the OSFmounted drive letter, it just accepts physical volumes or files.

    Any hint on how I can mount the bin file in a way that Truecrypt lets me access it?

    Thank you!

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    The bin file has a smaller header at the start of the file. With checkums, hashes, etc..

    OSFMount knows about the header and can ignore it. Thus it works (despite the title of your post).

    Another solution would be to restore the bin file to a physical disk using imageUSB, then use Truecrypt on the physical disk.