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Not compatible with WinPE10x86-10586?

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  • Not compatible with WinPE10x86-10586?

    This is my first forum post, I have been using OSFMount for many, many years, in "normal" Windows and in PE. Thanks for this very useful program!
    In my first test on one of the latest PE's (testing PE10x86-10586 and PE10x86-14295 at the moment) OSFMOunt does not seem to work, I get "Error creating mount point: The handle is invalid.".
    This is on 10586...

    Can anybody confirm? And if it's an OSFMount problem, hopefully this can be fixed?
    I've tested this on the older WinPE versions, no problems there (w7, w8, w8.1, w10-10240 based PE's, x86 and x64).


    EDIT: This is how I downloaded the 10586 WinPE (extract the files from the cab, then rename to boot.wim):

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    We aren't aware of any problem, but we also haven't tested this particular WinPE build.


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      If you download the standard PE from my link (extract it from the cab, rename to boot.wim), and put it on a "normal", bootable USB that has all the bootfiles, does it work for you? I tested it on completely bare bones PE, no extra packages added or extra software or drivers in the wim. As I said, previous PE's run OSFMount.exe just fine...
      I did some quick checking with ProcMon, but I'm not experienced enough in that field to see what's going on there. Hopefully you can look into the matter. Thanks again...


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        I also believe the problem is with x86 only, not sure of that though, will test again when I can.


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          I've tested with 100% clean/ normal ADK setup now. Stilll no go on 10586, x86.
          Please at least confirm if this is the same at your end...
          I'm sure you would be interested if there are any problems?


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            No reactions at all? Sorry, I don't understand why there are over a hundred views, but no reactions? Can somebody please test and reply? Anything?


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              We were not able to use the WinPE image you linked to, but from our testing, we can confirm that the 32-bit OSFMount does not currently work in the 32-bit WinPE for Win10 (10586).

              However, our test with the 64-bit version of OSFMount in 64-bit WinPE for Win10 (10586) was successful. As a workaround, we will advise using the 64-bit version at this time.


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                Thanks for confirming!
                My link was to a subsection of the ADK, the cab can be extracted and the larger file inside can be renamed to boot.wim. I'm sure you could have made it work if you wanted to. I just wanted to link to a quick and easy way to get the wim.

                I do hope the 10586-x86 problem can be solved!

                For 32bit users, a better workaround would be to use WinPE from a previous ADK: w8,w8.1 or w10-10240. Even the new 14295 "preview" ADK works for OSFMount.

                Once again: I really like OSFMount for being a completely "portable" and compact way of mounting iso files in PE, and hope its "reputation" of working in every Windows and PE version will be restored.