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Error while unpacking program, code LP5. Please report to author.

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  • Error while unpacking program, code LP5. Please report to author.

    I am trying to run the program from a flash drive with the Ceedo software. I'm a technician and would like to be able to take this program with me. I haven't been able to get it to run.
    Thanks for any help!

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    We have seen this error before with some of our other products (see this thread). It seems to be caused by interference from other applications running on the computer such as AV products. It may also be possible that this Ceedo product you are using is the cause of the problems. Any extra info about how you are trying to run KeyboardTest could help us in troubleshooting the problem.


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      My understanding of the Ceedo software is that it creates a "virtual" windows data base on the flash drive. You can then install standard programs to the flash drive just as you would on a windows machine.
      The Keyboard Test software installed OK, it can also be run from the flash drive, but not from the shortcut to the Ceedo start menu creates.
      Thanks for any help or advice you have!


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        This "code LP5"

        I have gone thru quite a few posts dating as far back as 2003 concerning this "" Error while unpacking program, code LP5, please report to author"

        After all of these reviews, it seems like it only occurs during installs of security suites. The one I have in question is PC Tools Security suite and PC Tools Spyware Doctor.

        I receive the same error " Error while unpacking program, code LP5, please report to author" during the final install and I am unable to download updates or even initiate the programs.

        PC Tools Techs haven't a clue why I am receiving these errors and have had me reinstall numerous times but still I have the same problem.

        Can anyone help me with this error???


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          You should really continue talking with the PCTools people if it is their software that has the problem (despite that fact that they are just up the road from us in Sydney).

          There isn't much accurate information about this LP5 error on the web. Here are some facts.
          • Programs as "packed" to reduce space, stop hacking and help prevent pirating of the software.
          • Good packing software is hard to write. So packing is often done using external software protection applications. One of these packages is "Armadillo" from Silicon Realms. Now called Software passport.
          • Protected programs are "unpacked" each time you run them. Normally this is not problem and you never notice it happening. When things go wrong during this process you get the LP5 message like, "Error while unpacking program, code LP5. Please report to author".
          • Only Silicon Realms really know what LP5 stands for. But it is enough to know that unpacking failed.
          • Sometimes, very rarely, you get a corrupted download that prevents correct unpacking of the software. The solution here is to get a new download package.
          • Also, very rarely, there is 3rd party software running on the same machine that interferes with the correct operation of the packed application. We saw this when CA's Antispyware product had a bug that messed things up. The solution here is to identify the application causing the problem and uninstall it or get the bug fixed. Which is what we did for our software.
          You might think that in general applications interfering with each other is a extremely rare event. But in fact we see it from time to time with a variety of applications.

          We have not had any reports of this error from our customers for about 12 months now and have almost completely stopped using the Silicon Realms software in any case.

          Update: For other people who are finding this post through Google, who get this error with 3rd party software, then you should contact the original author of the software to get the problem resolved.

          Hopes this helps.


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            Set PC Date Forward to Clear LP5 Error

            I have an application that was getting the LP5 error described below on several PCs I support. The software vendor was unable to provide a solution.

            On some PCs the error went away seemingly of its own accord.

            I was finally able to clear the error by changing the date on the PC clock to the future (I changed the date by one week on one PC and by three months on another PC). I then ran the .exe that was causing the LP5 error and I no longer got that error. I set the PC clock back to the current date and the LP5 error was still gone.

            My guess is that there is some sort of security feature in this application that was being invoked.

            This is unrelated to PassMark software.


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              I don't think changing the date / time will resolve this issue.

              The posts above date back 3 years, but we have had recent reports that PC Tools Threatfire Antispyware product also caused this error in 3rd party applications. So if you are seeing this LP5 error, and you are sure the 3rd party software concerned is legitimate, consider uninstalling Threatfire Antispyware. We also know another Anti-virus products can cause this data corruption.