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One day some keys stop working

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  • One day some keys stop working

    On my Compaq laptop, some keys stopped working. A USB external keyboard works fine. I'm pretty sure this is hardware related problem because the keys do not work at bios level (for example: at the bios screen when setting up a bios password, also they don't work when using a live linux boot cd)

    I have take apart my laptop completely, and reattached the keyboard cable. I would like to know if anyone thinks in there best judgment that replacing keyboard will fix the problem.

    If a laptop keyboard is composed of just wires and keys I feel a replacement would not help. If laptop keyboard has a keyboard controller chip or similar, I think a replacement might work. If the controller is on motherboard I will have to replace the motherboard. Any input is appreciated.

    Here is link to a picture of the keys that suddenly stopped working.

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    The most common issue is not the failure of the chipset, but dirt and grime in the electrical contacts.


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      I took the keyboard out again, took off all the keys, and plastic film and covers, and wiped the electrical grid sheet as well as everything else with a alcohol solution. After putting everything back together, about 2 hours later since it takes quite some time to put all the keys back on, my results did not change. If you reference the link with the picture of the keys not working in the first post, the keys are erratically spaced out, not in a row or column or group that might be a electrical contact problem.

      So I will be using a external keyboard and/or a autohotkey script to access the B and N with a hotkey, until it's time for a new laptop.


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        I just want to say thank you for the information.
        It is very valuable for me..newbie here and encountering the same situation.
        Thanks and keep up the good work..