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ImageUSB - Feature Request: Exclude USB by default

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  • ImageUSB - Feature Request: Exclude USB by default

    New feature request for ImageUSB:

    Problem: When duplicating USB Flash Drives, I connect a 10 port USB3.0 Hub to my computer. In addition, there are a couple of backup USB HDD always attached to the computer. There is always the possibility that a cloning operation will overwrite my backup drives, especially when I'm in a hurry (even with the warning dialogs).

    Solution: Provide a configuration option to ignore certain USB mass storage devices by default. These could be greyed out in the UI so they cannot be selected, either directly or by clicking on "Select All".

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    Or you could just unplug the USB drives you don't want to write to ?


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      Yes, but I would need to remember to do this each time and I like to remove points of failure - you can call it idiot proffing! Plus as they are "permanently" attached, not easy to get to them (in the back of the enclosure). Just a suggestion for improvement that may save someone grief down the line (hopefully not me)...


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        ImageUSB after writing a BIN file to a USB stick, it is then broken - it is no longer displayed, even in the disk management the stick is broken. What should I do - 16 pieces have already been destroyed?


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          Your problem seems to be completely unrelated to the initial post.

          If writing to a USB flash drive results in the drive failing, then it is a hardware failure. You can't "destroy" flash drive hardware by writing to it (at least not a single write, maybe after many weeks of continuous writing you can get it to fail).

          But it might also be just a that you have written something corrupt to the drives, so there is no longer a valid file system. Or it could be that you USB hub failed. Did you try using the drives on another machine?

          Are you sure your flash drives are not fake drives (a lot of the really cheap ones are). They fake the capacity. For example selling 2GB drives as a 64GB drive. Bad things then happen when you try and write 64GB of data to the 2GB flash chip.