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Full charge capacity problem

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  • Full charge capacity problem


    I have a test tablet with MS Windows on it. I installed BatMon tool. Kept device charging overnight. When I checked device/BatMon tool, battery is not charged 100%, it was showing 98%. So I rebooted the system and checked again. Then it showed 100%.

    I took snapshot of BatMon tool, attached with this question. Here are my questions:

    1. What is Full Charge Capacity and how it could be differnt than current capacity and design capacity?
    2. Can Full charge capacity be more than current capacity?
    3. In my case, when I reboot the system, I see different value in full charge capacity. How is this full charge capacity calculated?

    Click image for larger version

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    BatteryMon reports the values obtained from the charging circuit in the machine. This arrive indirectly via the SMBUS and the Windows device driver.

    The charging circuit will be controller by some algorithm, either in firmware or hard coded into a silicon chip that monitors the battery. Typically these algorithms aren't made public and will vary depending on the battery's chemistry and characteristics.

    BatteryMon doesn't do any calculations on the numbers. It just collects and displays them. So we aren't really able to answer the questions you have about your battery unit.