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MonitorTest v.3.2 Single Touch Test Issue

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  • MonitorTest v.3.2 Single Touch Test Issue

    Just downloaded a demo version of the MonitorTest v 3.2 and I currently have a computer with a touchscreen that is working under Windows 7 but when I try and run the single touch test it comes up with an error "Touch test Not Supported by screen"

    Like I mentioned above the touchscreen is working fine under Windows 7.

    Thanks for any info


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    Over the years there have been several different interfaces for touch screens. Some an integrated into laptops, other used USB connections and emulated a mouse.

    Can you tell us a bit more about the hardware you are using?


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      We are using a Microchip TSHARC touchscreen controller which operates fine on our display, I am able to calibrate and use the touchscreen without issue that's why I found it strange that the application failed.


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        If you open go to the 'services' in control panel on the system is the "Tablet PC Input Service" running? If not then starting this service should allow the test to run.


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          Hi Tim,
          I just checked under 'services' and verified the "Tablet PC Input Service" was running, the software definitely see's the usb touch controller because I can use the touchscreen. Any other suggestions? I would love to use the application in our testing.