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  • 32/64bit gaming Red Alert 2

    I tried to run one of my favorite games on a 64bit desktop and it threw me one of those non understandable error messages. I wonder if there are 32bit games that are compatible with a 64bit OS. I also went to, and searched for a 64bit game, and they are all 32bit. So what's the advantage of using a 64bit OS, if there are no 64bit games and you can't run the 32bit games???

    BTW, thanks for the help building with the desktop, passmark and wonderwrench.

    And the game is Red Alert 2 with the Yuri's expansion Best game ever.

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    All the new games should work on both 32bit and 64bit. Check the system requirements.

    Only a few of the older games will have a problem on 64bit, and it will be mostly due to the use of 32bit device drivers (which will never work on 64bit systems).

    What was the understandable error message? Did you check the support forum for that game to see if there was a solution?


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      The game was made in 2000, I looked on google, but nothing. I don't think there are any active forums for that game


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        I found this when I goggled as a the #1 result.
        "Just set the Compatibility mode of each .exe in the Red Alert 2 folder to Windows XP SP2".

        Which seems like reasonable advice.