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  • Windows 7 minimum cpu score


    Not sure if this is in the correct forum or if this question has been asked and answered before but does anyone have a minimum cpu score to use as a guide for upgrading to Windows 7? I want to upgrade and want to know immediately which CPUs are realistically going to comfortably run Windows 7 and normal corporate apps.

    Hopefully someone can recommend to me a minimum CPU mark and a maximum rank for Windows 7?

    Cheers in advance....

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    You can find the top 20 results here,
    They are mostly, but not all, Win7 64bit.

    You can find the bottom 20 results here,
    They are mostly, but not all, XP 32bit

    There is no exact minimum, as there is no exact definition of "comfortably run"


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      Cheers for the response. What I am trying to do is look at the CPUs in our existing laptops and quickly make a decision whether to replace them or install Windows 7 and keep for a little longer, I wanted just to be able to get the score for say a Pentium M 1.4 which gives me 360 CPU mark and 760 rank and see from that that it's either going to be up to the job or not? I just want to try to avoid the issue of not knowing whether I would be wasting my time installing Windows 7 really.....



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        Without knowing what your job is, it is hard to say if a particular CPU is up to that job.

        And you should be also looking at hard drive speeds and maybe video cards and RAM as well. Many tasks on a PC have the hard drive as a bottle neck and not the CPU.

        You also did say what you are upgrading from.

        If your machines are running XP fairly well. Then Win7 will probably also be OK if you have enough RAM and disk space.


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          Ok cheers

          Thought it was a longshot, fortunately most of our machines are Dell and they have a Windows 7 compatible systems link on their website. We do also have a number of HP client machines but they don't seem to have been as helpful as Dell in providing this information.....