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Problem with graphics card 5770 [Solved]

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    > i can't run dual mode,

    What MB model is it?

    The write speed above 4MB are a bit slow, but the rest of graphs don't look too bad however.


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      motherboard model is MCP73PVT-PM


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        You didn't give any details but I assume this is a Packard Bell machine?

        I further assume that this wasn't the original graphics card that came with the machine?

        Packard Bell tend to under dimension their power supplies. Did you check you have enough power for the 5770 card? You really need more than 500 watts.

        I think this motherboard uses the NVidia 630i chipset. Which was really low end (and now a bit old as well). And it only supports single channel memory, which isn't great.


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          All what you said is correct. The graphics card i bought and then i bought a 500w psu because my graphics card kept overheating and restarting my computer before. Anyway on the bright side, i fixed the problem, i reinstalled windows but this time putting nothing on it from the old versions. So i reinstalled everything again and i am now up on score with the people using the same system as me. Sorry for the hassle, you've been a great help and thank you


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            So in the end it is likely that it was a device driver issue, or some conflict with 3rd party software that didn't get installed this time around.