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Xeon X3460 vs X3470

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  • Xeon X3460 vs X3470

    Dear Admin

    First thank you for such useful data.

    On your CPU list, I read
    X3440 5303
    X3450 5422 2.66 GHz
    X3460 6239 2.80 GHz
    X3470 5902 2.93 GHz

    Have those benchmarks been made in the same environment?

    According to that table, a X3470 offers less performance than a X3460. Isn't that surprising, since AFAICS they are the same processor except for turbo mode and clock speed?

    What is your explanation?

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    The numbers we report are average results across a number of different machines.

    There was a low result in the average for the X3470 however. I have removed this, which means the new average will have the CPUs scoring almost identical results.

    See also these notes about the graphs,