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Disk Mark = 41218 !!!!

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  • David (PassMark)
    They are most like RAM drives.

    Either using a tool like OSFMount to create one from main RAM,

    or a PCI card based solution. e.g.
    (this device is a 5TB drive running at 6.0 GB/s. Nice....)

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  • ali765
    started a topic Disk Mark = 41218 !!!!

    Disk Mark = 41218 !!!!


    I downloaded the top ten baselines and I'm wondering for "disk mark" and "cd mark" results in the following baseline:

    PGIN Asus Rampage II Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.06 GHz 4593 BL 183074

    CD_Read = 1052.6 MB/s
    CD Mark = 128865.8

    Disk Read = 4141.9 MB/s
    Disk Write= 3629.6 MB/s
    Disk Mark = 41218.0

    The System information in PerformanceTest Graphical User Interface shows The Model Number of The hard disk is "[Removable]". But no more information are there.

    I checked some other benchmarks for SAS, SCSI and SSD RAID drives but I have not find such a high performance Drive yet.

    My question is:

    what kind of a hard disk and optical drive has a speed of Giga Byte per second?