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  • KinGzeDK
    Save the money and go for the 2500K, overclock the s*** out of it and pick a better graphics card for the money you´ve saved. HD6950 can be flashed to a 6970, to save more money.

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  • David (PassMark)
    CPU: From i5 or i7 range. e.g. Intel Core i7-2600
    DISK: Get 2 drives. A small SSD boot drive (~64GB+) and a large traditional drive (~1TB+)
    RAM: At least 6GB DDR3
    OS: Win7 64bit
    Monitors: I always get dual monitors. But it isn't for everyone.
    GPU: HD6950, or HD6970 or GTX580 / 480 / 470 depending on cost & preference.

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  • adam
    started a topic Help me build

    Help me build


    I am currently in a procces of gettting a new pc,but
    what i hear its better to build it.

    so i was wondering could anyone help me here choose the write stuff for the pc.

    would like if possible ; high end pc/mainly for gaming and other stuff. the budget at the moment is about £1500+.

    Thank you.