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Why PT64x scores lower on Windows 7 than on Windows Vista, on the same machine

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  • Why PT64x scores lower on Windows 7 than on Windows Vista, on the same machine

    Why PT64x scores lower on Windows 7 than on Windows Vista, on the same machine after upgrade.
    For a given Desktop i7-920, RAIDO-128K, Radeon HD4800, 6GB, My baseline score was 2900 for Performance Test 64 under Windows Vista Home Premium.

    Then I upgraded the same machine to Windows 7 Home Premium, installed all 60 or so patches, before I reran the Performance Test 64 for benchmark. New score under Windows 7 was around 2000, or nearly 1/2 reduced.
    This was seen in every category, especially the HD, went from 152 for Seq Read down to 32? Is there a bug on PT64 on Windows 7? Also 2D Graphics and CD is also lower as well... I am aware of the 2D workaround, for 2d Solid Vector and Transparent vector. These were not the issues.

    Can someone at PassMark do some analysis on this? I just recently paid for a legal copy of PerformanceTest 64 and I really want to see it work the same at least on Windows 7.

    This is some what of a great disappointment to see my score trimmed by nearly 1000 points after a Windows 7 upgrade. Please help!

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    We fully support Win7 and 64bit, and have done so some time now. There are no known bugs that impact the results on Win7/64bit.

    It is normal that the 2D results might be low on Win7. See this FAQ
    Q. 2D results in Windows 7 seem poor compared to previous versions of Windows, why is this?

    But the other results should be pretty close between Vista and Win7.

    The most likely explanation is differences in device drivers and maybe different media for the CD test.

    What were the CPU results?


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      Not sure what it was, but it took a few reboots, maybe its a Windows 7 learning process? Finally, i got similar scores as was on Windows Vista. So, it is all good. Was scary for a while there. I think Windows 7 has a learning process adapting to RAIDO-128K swipe and HD indexing. It took a while before everything returned to normal. But, its clearly not a Performance Test 64 issue.

      Sorry for false alarm.


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        There is some learning that is done by Windows. Boot times get optimised and program startup times get optimised. (Look up superfetch). But this shouldn't greatly effect the PerformanceTest results.

        Maybe it was that your machine was initially slightly busy, or still at the end of the boot process when you ran the test for the first time.