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  • Test result much lower than benchmark

    I've had some problems with my computer for a while now...

    I have a Pentium D 2.8GHz CPU, the benchmark value is something in the 700's. However when I did a performance test the cpu rating came in at around 240 (the overall hardware rating was even lower at around 160).

    I am trying out a friends computer which I may keep in the lounge, this has a Pentium 4 2.8GHz CPU, benchmark is something around 415 (lower than mine) but on testing came out at a similar value to this.

    This suggests to me something seriously wrong with my CPU? I know it is a very dated CPU and I am planning to upgrade but if my PC should run faster than my friends I was hoping to use this in the lounge instead.

    It used to handle most things I needed it for, I have used it for audio sequencing and could use a handful of plug-ins on multiple tracks before the system became overloaded. Now I find even streaming videos (sometimes even music) can cause it to struggle running the CPU around 90% and sometimes maxing it out. Also it is often running around 65-70deg. c which from what I have read seems quite high. Could this affect the speed/performance so dramatically?

    I've run various virus and spyware checks and the system is coming back pretty clear, I reinstalled windows (xp) not so long ago so it shouldn't be too congested.

    Just wondered if anyone could give me some advice, really not sure what else to do other than upgrade, but regardless I'd still like to make use of it if I can get it performing as it should do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Initially see this thread,
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC


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      Thanks, I did have a look through that thread last night. Some of it may be relevant but as I say I dont think it is an issue with viruses etc and the problem was stol there after a reinstall so I dont think it is clutter so to speak.

      My main concern is that my seperate cpu value is considerably lower than the benchmark so I wondered if it indicates a problem with the processor itself?

      Should also mention that the computer idles nicely, but when I run a video dor example in explorer, that partucular process will take around 90% or more of the usage and cause jerkiness and inable to do other things...


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        If you can't play back a video and CPU usage is high, this is more likely due to the video card device driver not being installed, or the motherboard device drivers are missing and the disk is in the wrong mode. Or it could be overheating. But all this was covered in the post I linked to above.


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          After a bit of troubleshooting I am almost certain the problem is due to the CPU overheating. I opened the case and shoved a domestic fan across the heatsink and there is a definite sign of improvement.

          I ran the benchmark test again, the cpu value is now around 720, pretty much the benchmark value. I streamed some tv from tvcatchup and the video maintained a smooth picture and the cpu stayed at around 30% for quite sometime (though it did start to rise a bit after about half an hour).

          The CPU is now averaging nearer 50 deg c. rather than nearer 70.

          I'm not sure what to do as a permanent solution though, i cleared the heatsink fins not that long ago and this didn't help and I have tried re-seating the heatsink with a decent thermal compound. Also the case has a front and rear fan and seems to have reasonable airflow.

          I was thinking of buying a Corsair Hydro H50 and trying that as they seem fairly adaptable so I can still use it even if I upgrade. Any thoughts?

          I was also looking at an AMD Athalon X3 450 as this seems to be rated a good spec for the price. I have read though that tri-core systems can be a little less stable than dual or quad, or is this rubbish?

          Thanks for your help and the very useful software and benchmarks and appreciate any further advice you can give. I'm alot happier now I think I've worked out what the problem is!


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            Is the heat sink also at around 50C or 70C without the external fan (too hot to touch)? If it isn't then this means the CPU isn't making good contact with the heat sink.

            Are the case fans all blowing the same direction, and not fighting each other?

            Is the heat sink big enough for the job?

            Is there good airflow around the case, front and back?

            I am not aware of any problems with the AMD x3 chip (except that is is old now).


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              It's pretty warm but I don't know about too hot to touch... never been too happy with how this heatsink clamps down into the mobo though, the pegs seem flimsy. Also when applying the paste i tried to do it as carefully as possible, spreading a thin even layer to the heatsink pad. But I don't know, maybe I still haven't done it right...

              It should be suitable, its the one supplied with the cpu, but then I do recall reading some bad reviews on the heatsinks supplied with this range.

              Case fans are facing the right way, front pulling air in, back throwing it out and the tower has clearance at the front and back.

              Yeah I tend to be a bit of a cheap skate and go for the out dated cheaper stuff, but then all I really want to use the comp for is maybe watching a few movies in hd, streaming live/on demand tv and as i said in my first post recording music and using multiple lpug-ins e.g drum simulators, synths, effects etc. When working correctly my current set up just about managed all this with some limitations, so I'm hoping the upgrade would make the system multiple times better and so run all that i need it for pretty smoothly.